“Do not be afraid of being ignorant because the folks at Pennyhost will make it all easy. As long as you have an idea and a goal, your dreams can be made real with Pennyhost. The fact that it can be done so well at such a great price only makes it that much better.”  Mister Zero from TheKingsAreHere.com

“Thank you on behalf of the Hamilton Society of Chefs and Cooks. Thanks to Pennyhost our newsletter has taken on a very professional look, as well as our Web site. Also it is my pleasure to recommend you to any one who wants top quality work.”  Trevor Hamilton c.c.c. from the Adopt A Ship Program.

I first met Pam at a “networking” meeting in 2000 and I shared my vision with her of doing a fundraiser for my daughter Avery, who was born with a rare form of cancer called Retinoblastoma. Pam told me that she would put something on her website about the fundraiser when I was ready. Then, knowing very little about computers and less about web sites I graciously accepted Pam’s offer, but truly not expected her to follow through. When I contacted Pam in January 2001 and told her I was planning the fundraiser, Avery’s Journey for that October, she told me to send her the details. Boy was I in for a surprise. Pam linked Avery’s Journey to her web site, so I could direct people to get details of the fundraiser online. In 2003 when I decided to launch our own web site, www.averysjourney.ca, Pam was the hands down choice to host our site. Her kindness and integrity will live on in my heart forever. Her continued support and guidance is never ending, and I highly recommend YOU to make Pam your number one choice for all your web needs.   Ericka Dixon-Williams from Avery’s Journey

“When we first started looking into getting a website put together we really had no clue as to what was involved.  Some different people were talked to and it seemed like it was shrouded in mystery and probably more money than we had at the time.
The best way to educate yourself in all this web-site mania is to visit a bunch of different sites that relate to your business and try to get a sense of what you like and dislike and then get a hold of Penny Pages and explain what your thoughts are.  Do not be afraid of being ignorant because the folks at Penny Pages will make it all easy.  As long as you have an idea and a goal, your dreams can be made real with Penny Pages.  The fact that it can be done so well at such a great price only makes it that much better.”   Mister Zero from www.thekingsarehere.com

“Good morning, looks like the tooth fairy was up all night LOL.  You have created my vision!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have been trying to get achieved what you have done for almost 3 years if you can believe it.  THANK YOU JOB WELL DONE. Donny Lovering from Karaoke Closet

“When I looked into getting a website for my company I had no idea what to do or where to go. I had heard about pennypages and gave Pam a call. A short time later I had an extensive website generating all kinds of e-mails requesting quotes. You can’t beat the cost of a site with Pam when you consider the “silent salesman” results from a website. My site gets upgraded constantly with Pam’s expertise. Thanks for all the hard work!!” Rick McDowell from OutdoorSupplies and Equipment Inc.

“Just to let you know how proud I am regarding the web site.There was about 10 chefs that have commented on our site when I was at the Food Show over the weekend.  The Toronto web site is no comparison to ours and it’s not working as they told me. WOW. Thanks Pam Penny.” Mike Shapiro from Hamilton District Society of Chefs & Cooks

“Hi Pam, Well done on the Web site, it’s great, I hope to keep up the storys & pic`s for it. We are doing one in Darwin at the MGM Casino on HMAS ANZAC.  We just had to cancel one in Perth on the USS GREENVILLE it’s off to some where else.  PS Keep up the good work.” Paul Graham from www.penny.ca/adoptaship/Australia

“Pam Penny is providing quick, efficient, and reliable service. We are pleased that we switched from our other provider! Pam knows her stuff.” Suzanne Mikler from Liaison College

Penny Pages helped develop professional attributes in building totalmatchmaker.com.  The domain name and many pages in the site are the creation of Penny Pages.  Penny Pages is also very good in promoting a web site through search engines.  Penny Pages is highly recommended for professional and cool design.” Sam Hawas from Total Matchmaker

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